The bucolic setting of Weston Woods on the River in earlier times was the location of Native American encampments and trails along the wooded Mississippi River.  As the westward movement began the Red River ox cart trails also crossed near this site as settlers moved to northern Minnesota and the Dakotas.

During the 1800's more families settled near the confluences of the Rum and Mississippi Rivers in the town of Anoka.  The current Weston Woods on the River property was settled by the ancestors of Judge Leeds Hancock Cutter.  They originally came from England via Maine in the 1800's.  Judge Cutter was a probate judge, business owner and community activist. He and several of his friends settled "along the North east bank of the Mississippi river between the bridge and King's Island in an area officially known as "Cutters Grove".* This close knit group of people hunted, fished and farmed the property.  In the ensuing generations the family built a larger home which also had a swimming pool and tennis courts.  Some of the original WWOR homeowners who came from Anoka area relate stories of being a girl scout leader who  helped plant some of the pine trees  and others residents remember playing in the woods with other children.

Leeds D. Cutter Jr. and infant sister Fritzi Cutter Judge Leeds H. and Mrs. Cutter at the wedding of daughter Fritzi in 1939
Probate Judge Leeds H. Cutter with wife Vivienne Rose and young son Leeds Darrah Cutter Jr.

During the 1980's Mark Smith of New Generation Homes acquired various parcels of the land from  the Cutter and DeLong families as well as the city of Anoka and various financial institutions to make up the 20 acre parcel of land. 

In   1993  Mark Smith of Mark of Excellence Home Inc. acquired  permits to develop the townhouse complex overlooking the Mississippi River  area and began building  "upscale rambler-style townhomes"** using a variety of floor plans with  walkouts and lookout lower levels.    Phases two and three were completed by 1998.  In 1997 the homeowners established the WWOR association as required by law.

 Foundation of 2703 Rivers Bluff Lane built spring 1995
 Home as construction continued into June of 1995
 Mark of Excellence brochure showing a Phase 1, Weston Woods on The River home on its cover

Today the setting of 84 homes is still in a woodland setting, the pines planted earlier are now mature and the association and individual homeowners have added shrubbery, patio-gardens and flowers to enhance the beauty of the natural setting.

* Anoka County Historical Society

**Mark of Excellence brochure